If you’re among the vast majority of Americans who have never heard of Living Benefits, we created Living Benefits Awareness Month just for you.

Put simply, Living Benefits life insurance works exactly the same way the “old kind” of life insurance does by paying a death benefit to your loved ones if you pass away – but it also adds crucial payout triggers that put money in your hands if you suffer a serious illness or injury. These Living Benefits features carry the power to save you from financial disaster, and come at no extra cost to you.

It’s not more expensive coverage – it’s more expansive coverage for today’s modern world.


Real People.
Real Stories.

Thousands of Americans are discovering that Living Benefits life insurance gives them more protection for the same price as traditional “death benefit-only” policies. 

Watch as these real-life Living Benefits policyholders tell their stories of how their decision to own free Living Benefits options on their life insurance policies ended up saved their homes, their financial futures – and possibly their lives.

Living Benefits by the Numbers.

The statistics on medical bankruptcy in the United States are sobering. With each passing day, the dangers of relying on health insurance coverage alone to cover the added expenses and loss of income associated with an unexpected illness are becoming more painfully clear. Living Benefits aren’t a luxury; in this day and age, having instant access to money if you get sick is paramount to survival.