Living Benefits & the Future of Life Insurance

Imagine for a moment that you are lying in a hospital bed, still reeling from the shock of suffering an out-of-the-blue heart attack the previous night. Your mind is racing - how long will you be unable to work? How much are you going to have to pay for the hospital stay and subsequent medical expenses? Will you lose the house? Will the kids still be able to go to college?

At a time when you need to be focusing on your own recovery, you are instead worrying about money.
Now imagine that at that moment, your life insurance agent walks into your hospital room and delivers a check made out to you for several hundred thousand dollars - money that was accelerated from your life insurance policy’s death benefit by taking advantage of its revolutionary built-in Living Benefits features. All of a sudden, the burden is lifted. You’re no longer worried about rushing back to work before your body is ready to do so.  You can afford to explore whatever treatment options your doctor recommends, without worrying about whether they’ll be covered by your health insurance.  Your family’s financial future is no longer hanging in the balance just because you got sick.  All financial stress is removed from the equation, and you can turn your focus to getting better and back on your feet.

Anyone who has experienced this gift of true peace of mind because of Living Benefits will tell you it is life changing. Our goal in writing this book is to share that gift with as many people as possible, starting with you.