Watch as real-life Living Benefits clients share their stories of how Living Benefits came to their rescue when they faced the unimaginable. The "new kind" of life insurance got crucial money in these peoples' hands when they needed it most, and proved to be the difference between recovery and financial ruin.

2019 Testimonial Mashup

Our latest testimonial mashup features five families who received a total of $1.3 million from their Living Benefits policies when they were stricken with an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Cancer is just one of up to 18 health-related triggers that grant access to benefits (heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, ALS, paralysis, and blindness are among other included triggers).

2018 Testimonial Mashup

Watch as several Living Benefits clients who received money from their Living Benefits life insurance policies in 2017 tell the story of how having access to their death benefits after surviving a critical illness or injury changed their lives for the better.

“All that stress just evaporated instantly.”

When Amanda Thomas was diagnosed with thoracic cancer shortly after delivering their fourth child, her family’s world was turned upside down. She would spend a year out of work while undergoing grueling chemo treatments. Her job dropped her from their health insurance. Her paychecks stopped coming in. Meanwhile, the medical expenses were piling up. Thankfully, Amanda and her husband Eugene had prepared for this very situation back when she was healthy by putting a Living Benefits life insurance plan in place for their family. Utilizing her policy’s built-in Critical Illness rider, Amanda was able to accelerate $405,000 of her life insurance policy's death benefit to get a tax-free check for $343,000 in her hands.

“YOu just don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

Kevin Hay was a perfectly healthy man in his 40's, running a successful chiropractic practice and raising six kids with his wife, Shannon. He started funding an IUL policy with Living Benefits as a means to plan for retirement. Kevin had no way of knowing how that decision would wind up shaping the future of his family for generations to come. Watch as Shannon tells the story of the three separate times that Kevin's IUL plan sprang into action for his business and his family when it was needed the most.

“This is your future that you're thinking about.”

Latasha McCray was living her life to the fullest - she was in perfect shape, had a great job and a financial plan for the future. But when a breast cancer diagnosis turned her world upside down, Latasha found all of her well-laid plans crumbling around her. Even though she had great health insurance, her plan didn't cover all of her treatment costs. As the bills began to pile up, Latasha was forced to go on unpaid medical leave, dropping her income to zero. Watch as Latasha tells the story of how her Living Benefits life insurance plan sprung into action at the time she needed it most, leaving her plenty of money to replace her lost income and pay for all of her medical treatments en route to a full recovery.